2004 Kawasaki ZZR®1200

ZZR®1200 FAST FAST!!!!!!!!

Sport touring enthusiasts know that few experiences bring as much pleasure in life as having a road map in hand, hundreds of miles of back roads and highways ahead and good motorcycle. Time seems to disappear and a lot of ground can be covered quickly on a fast, comfortable motorcycle with excellent handling. The class-leading Kawasaki ZZR®1200 sport-touring motorcycle was made for these long-distance trips, with its powerful engine, comfortable ergonomics, stylish wind-cheating fairing and high-performance radial tires. Kawasaki engineers based the ZZR1200's double-overhead cam 1164cc inline-four engine after the muscular ZRX1200, but modified the ZZR's 16-valve engine to be a stronger performer in the low- and mid-range sections of the powerband. The ZZR's aluminum cylinders utilize chrome composite plating rather than cylinder liners to provide a lightweight package and quick heat transfer. The actual pistons feature reinforced ribs similar to those on the NINJA ZX-12R sportbike. Actuating the valves are sintered-tipped rocker arms, which ensure less wear and friction and provide optimum lubrication. Meanwhile, a balanced crank helps bring out the engine's torquey personality.